Getting Juicy With Apocalypse Babes

The Grand Prize Winner of the Spread The Z Word Contest was Cassandra from Virginia, self-described #1 fan of Apocalypse Babes. chose her as winner (she had pretty high odds with 511 entries to the average 20) and she won the Juicy Couture Neon Pink velour tracksuit.

Seffy has some competition when it comes to rocking a Juicy. Cassandra has also had apparently more kills with her machete, if the blood is any indication.

Congratulations, Cassandra!

Now go kill some more zombies!


  1. My internet went wonky and shut off after I emailed you. I'm at work looking at this and it's freaking AWESOME!!! I love it... I'm a zombie killer...with wicked voodoo in my blood, rockin' it hard :) just like Seffy. So what if i'm a zombie...i got it like that.


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