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Book Feature: Dark God Descending

Southern Fried Gothic blog is featuring Tony-Paul de Vissage and his latest book Dark God Descending . Check out an exerpt ! Because after dark, things go south fast.

I'm Not Afraid

...I say bring it on, Red Riding Hood! A new film by Catherine Hardwicke promises to deliver the same qualities to the fairy tale as she used to bring Twilight to life. I'm looking forward to meeting the big bad wolf! Another film mixing the old and the new also looks to be perking up cinematic prospects next year...

Bring It On, Bronte!

I've probably read this book more times than any other. And I'm always excited when there's yet another film adaptation. Can't wait!

Southern Gothic In Media

Join me in a new series as I blog about Southern Gothic themes over at Southern Fried Gothic . I'll be discussing fiction, films, and music.

Strawberries, Cherries, and an Angel's Kiss In Spring...

You think fairies are cute and fragile? Think again. Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr describes an unseen world of hauntingly beautiful horrors threatened by an eternal winter...unseen by all except to protagonist, Aislinn. She has the Sight and has endured a miserable life because of it. Things only get more complicated when she finally admits her feelings for a mortal while the Summer King plies for her hand with Summer Wine and the promise of passion and frivolity. The story pulls details from a wide variety of Celtic fairy lore and weaves together an intriguing story set in the present. What will Aislinn do when faced with an impossible choice?