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Book 5 of Apocalypse Babes is due out by the end of October. And like the concentric hallways in a square ex-Soviet compound, the story takes some new twists and turns.

 Excerpt from Chapter One of Bite Me 
2011 All Rights Reserved
It was its eyes that caught her attentionsulfurish and feral. And somehow they held her gaze despite her quickening bobbing along the river, despite struggling to keep her head above water. The current hastened as she moved downstream, but the wolf loped along the bank, keeping her in sight. She knew she should be concerned.
Why was it following her?
What did it want?
The river moved faster. White caps broke the surface, splashing icy water against her skin. She shivered uncontrollably, but was it from the cold, or the wolf the current moved her inexorably toward?
She tore her attention from the animal long enough to realize the river suddenly dropped off. As she moved toward the edge, the wolf picked up speed and began racing to a large outcropping of rock that would bring them to a point of intersection. She cringed, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop the collision. No way to stop the wolf from reaching her.
It knew it too. Pinning her with its stare, it reached the rock and launched itself right at her.
Seffy lurched upright, gasping and sputtering. It was dark, wet, and freezing. Where am I? She heard movement next to her.
What the hell?
Right here.
Seffy heard him gasping, clambering, his hands bumping, then grabbing hers. She couldn't see him. The darkness was absolute.
I must've left the damn skylight open! We're getting soaked!
She nodded, though he couldn't see her, and tried to stop her teeth from chattering. Giant goosebumps riddled her shaking body, but there was no escape. All the blankets and padding were wet through with icy rainwater.
She heard him fiddling with the latch above their heads.
Suddenly a river of water crashed into her face, knocking her backward. When she came up gasping for air, she realized Trent must've experienced the first force of the deluge if his language was any indication. Seffy wiped the water from her face, feeling bits of ice against her skin.
Go toward that lower room. We need to get into the shower.
Seffy crawled blindly in what she hoped was the general direction of the room. The blankets were soggy beneath her hands and knees. How had they slept so long in the rain?
The lights won't turn on, dammit. The rain must've shorted the wiring.Trent came alongside her, running his hand along the floor as he looked for the ceiling tile that would open up to the lower compound resident room.I think I found it. Hold on.
Seffy could only uncontrollably shiver in response. She heard what sounded like a tile sliding to one side. Then she realized Trent would have to climb down to the room in the dark.You're not going to jump down there, are you?
I have to.
But you'll slip.
She heard the muffled thud of his feet landing on the linoleum below. Then the thunk of the rest of him.Are you okay?
A muffled groan.Yep.
A light came on below. She saw that the room was thankfully unoccupied, as the majority were in this section of the compound. Next, she heard the sound of water in the bathroom. Trent reappeared and stood looking up her, wearing only wet, baggy boxers. His shaggy, dark blond hair was plastered to his head. He stretched up his hands. Seffy edged forward, then put her legs over the opening, most of her strength expended in violent trembling. But a hot shower beckoned, so she forced her limbs to move.
Lowering herself down, she released a relieved sigh when she felt Trent's hands on her thighs. As she came down all the way, he caught her around the waist, the pressure of his grip causing water to drip from her tank top and underwear. Once her feet touched the floor, he hustled her into the bathroom where steam was beginning to rise. Even the floor was cold.
After sticking his arm into the shower stream to test the temperature, he drew her into the stall with him. Seffy closed her eyes and huddled against him as the warm water coursed over their bodies. Trent slowly turned the water hotter and hotter as they adjusted to the heat. Nestling her head under his chin, she reveled in the feel of his hands stroking her back. Warmth slowly returned to her bones. Maybe waking up in a wet, leaky bed wasn't so bad after all.
Better?he said sometime later.
She nodded, but was loath to leave the circle of his arms.
I grabbed the blanket off the bed. It's on the towel rack, but we need to get out of these wet clothes first.He turned off the water.
They stripped out of their clothes, then Trent wrapped the blanket around their bodies. The fabric was warmed slightly from the steam, but she still experienced a chill as they made their way to the bed. They fell lengthwise onto the mattress and Seffy wrapped her arms around Trent's neck, seeking his warmth.
He hugged her back, pressing a kiss on her cheek.That was quite an adventure.
Pretty tame for what usually goes on around at the compound.Seffy relaxed in his embrace and smoothed his wet hair from his forehead.I was dreaming about being in whitewater rapids. Usually a water dream means I have to pee, but I guess this one was real.


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