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Getting Juicy With Apocalypse Babes

   The Grand Prize Winner of the Spread The Z Word Contest was Cassandra from Virginia, self-described #1 fan of Apocalypse Babes . chose her as winner (she had pretty high odds with 511 entries to the average 20) and she won the Juicy Couture Neon Pink velour tracksuit. Seffy has some competition when it comes to rocking a Juicy. Cassandra has also had apparently more kills with her machete, if the blood is any indication. Congratulations, Cassandra! Now go kill some more zombies!

Bite Me Sneak Peek

Book 5 of Apocalypse Babes is due out by the end of October. And like the concentric hallways in a square ex-Soviet compound, the story takes some new twists and turns.  Excerpt from Chapter One of Bite Me  2011 All Rights Reserved   It was its eyes that caught her attention — sulfurish and feral. And somehow they held her gaze despite her quickening bobbing along the river, despite struggling to keep her head above water. The current hastened as she moved downstream, but the wolf loped along the bank, keeping her in sight. She knew she should be concerned. Why was it following her? What did it want? The river moved faster. White caps broke the surface, splashing icy water against her skin. She shivered uncontrollably, but was it from the cold, or the wolf the current moved her inexorably toward? She tore her attention from the animal long enough to rea

The Non-Official* Potato Chips of Apocalypse Babes!

* Kettle foods has never heard of Apocalypse Babes so they can't sue and anyway because Bella will just use Seffy's magic J and hide in the past if they try Bella, in an effort to capitalize on impending stardom, is now piggybacking on linking her name with successful, superior companies in order to encourage harmony and a pleasant reading experience. She therefore recommends Kettle Chips while reading her runaway bestselling (according to an avid fan in Winnipesaukee) science-fiction romance saga Apocalypse Babe s . Because who doesn't get the munchies after fighting a buttload of zombies or surviving yet another compound conspiracy? Her personal fav? Salt and Pepper. To be even more specific, and to encourage readers to be open-minded to new flavors (and storylines), Bella recommends a certain flavor for each book as follows: The Z Word : New York Cheddar---not that her book is cheesy or anything! The X Factor : Honey Dijon (cuz things get mixed up


  Thank you to everyone who entered my contest Help Spread The Z Word!! The three-month long contest ended October 6, 2011 and everyone's points were assigned a number and chose the winners: First Prize--pink Juicy Couture tracksuit: CASSANDRA P. Second Prize--Pink perfume by Victoria's Secret: GEORGEANNA B. Third prize--$30 Amazon gift certificate: LINDA B. Cassandra P. also wins the $20 Amazon gift certificate for the  most accumulated points. CONGRATS!! Eleven entrants will also won signed copies of my print books: Shawn Tich Courtney Mary Kim Tee Mara Cathy Lisa Anne Stephanie (winners have been notified by email) Thanks again to everyone who helped spread the word!! Stay posted for more chances to win in 2012!

Only One Day Left!

If you read my first (free) book in the Apocalypse Babes series, The Z Word , I hope you entered the contest ! And if you have been helping to promote The Z Word, keep track of your points and email me to them by midnight Oct 6th. First place winner gets a pink Juicy Couture Tracksuit (for a lady, not a pooch). I can't guarantee the J zipper pull will be magical tho... Second place is a bottle of Pink by Victoria's Secret. This is some good smelling perfume! Third place is a $30 Amazon ecard (or Nook/Smashwords/Kobo). 10 random entrants will also win the first 4 books, signed, in the series. So if you haven't entered, go here . No purchase necessary.