Thursday, October 13, 2016

ISO: Picky Book Bloggers Who Like Free Reads

Book bloggers, sick of sorting through review requests for books you aren't particularly interested in? Want to take control over your review requests and pick the free books YOU want to review? Search no further. 

There's a new Facebook group launching soon called 

The group features romance novels that are a bit tamer in the sex, violence, and dark magic departments (G to PG-13). So if you've been looking for lighter, cleaner, funner reads, then consider being a blogger for the 

In this group you can look through files of romance novels sorted by subgenre and request the ones you want to review. Here's a general list of the romance subgenres:

Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance
Romantic Comedy
Marriage of Convenience
Romantic Suspense
Cowboy Romance
Fantasy Romance
Mature Adult Romance
Beta Reads

If there's a book that interests you, request it and get a free copy (Amazon or PDF usually). Most authors will ask for an honest review posted at your blog, Amazon, or social media. 

Easy peasy!

Contact the moderator Anne Evans for all the deets. 

Happy blogging!