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Heartbreakers and Dream Makers Blog Hop

After over 4,000 comments our Heartbreakers Blog Hop has some grand prize winners!! These readers answered the questions on the posts and were chosen randomly using Congrats! Grand Prize Winners: Kindle Fire Winner: Ashley M. Amazon Gift Card: Jess987 Swag Pack: Meghan Stith The grand prize winners have already been notified and have their prizes or the prizes are on their way! The three winners of Kiss Me, I'm Irish are: Shannon Bereza Ashley Applebee   wajiha1993   CONGRATS EVERYONE and be sure to sign up for my email list for the next great giveaway!   (Original post below:) Who else is humming that Pat Benatar song ?? But I digress (the 80s always make me digress). Today's hop celebrates those heartbreaking cuties who populate our romance novels and imaginations (and who apparently do lots and lots of tummy crunches). How's this one for an example?  Yes, I know Gabriel has a checker

Science-Fiction Romance Brigade Presents Novel Snippet Time

Science Fiction Romance Brigade is hosting novel snippets from members books, new releases, or works in progress. What a fun way to peek at SFR possibilities! My offering is a few paragraphs from my Gothic Science-Fiction Romance The Z Word , book one of the Apocalypse Babes series. The Z Word, follows Seffy Carter and her longtime friends Gareth, Addison and Lani. The four besties share a past dysfunctional and dark enough to keep them bound together under do-over identities. But like off-brand velour, rends develop in their relationships from the flesh-eating pressures of ending up in 1980, in a Montana desert, surrounded by zombies wearing dated disco duds .   Gareth looked down the hill, then ran his hands through his hair. “We've got to find some shelter.” “Except shelter seems to be where they like to hide,” Lani pointed out, her pretty face pale with fear. Seffy noticed the man stumbling as he attempted to climb the hill. “Can't we outrun him?

Follower Love G!veaway Hop *KISS KISS*

UPDATE! Grand prize winner of $20 Amazon gift certificate and T shirt is Gloria Lanca ! Winner of the 6 book set Apocalypse Babes is Elaine Bishop . Congrats, ladies! Thanks so much to all who participated and be sure to sign up for my blog posts by email so you don't miss the next giveaway!     I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS!  *kiss kiss* And to put my giveaway where my lips are, I'm offering a Grand Prize of a $20 Amazon gift card...    PLUS an Apocalypse Babes T-shirt to one randomly-selected winner.  That's two prizes in one! A second randomly-selected winner will receive a Kindle copy of Apocalypse Babes: The Complete Series ...because just maybe you're a tad disappointed about the apocalyptic no-show on 12/21. Blurb: It's been said that a sure sign of the coming apocalypse is an 80s roller skate disco movie coming to DVD (with special features). In the science-fiction novel series Apocalypse Babes, a stylish group of twe