The Non-Official* Potato Chips of Apocalypse Babes!

*Kettle foods has never heard of Apocalypse Babes so they can't sue and anyway because Bella will just use Seffy's magic J and hide in the past if they try

Bella, in an effort to capitalize on impending stardom, is now piggybacking on linking her name with successful, superior companies in order to encourage harmony and a pleasant reading experience.

She therefore recommends Kettle Chips while reading her runaway bestselling (according to an avid fan in Winnipesaukee) science-fiction romance saga Apocalypse Babes. Because who doesn't get the munchies after fighting a buttload of zombies or surviving yet another compound conspiracy?

Her personal fav? Salt and Pepper.

To be even more specific, and to encourage readers to be open-minded to new flavors (and storylines), Bella recommends a certain flavor for each book as follows:

The Z Word: New York Cheddar---not that her book is cheesy or anything!

The X Factor: Honey Dijon (cuz things get mixed up)

iRobotronic: Zesty Ranch (it just sounds Californian)

Kumbaya Much: Tia Salsa Picante (cuz this one's spicy, yo)

Bite Me: Salt and Vinegar...natch!

Apocalypse For Realz: Sea Salt because it's straight up, no chaser back to basics!

And these progressive chips will not make you fat like those Talledega ones will, so you'll lose weight while you read! Or maybe it's the whole running from zombies, conspiracies, and one's past that keeps the spare tire at bay. At any rate, be a Bella Street fan and EAT KETTLE CHIPS!


  1. Lol this is funny! Wtg, Bella! I don't think I've ever even seen Kettle chips around my neck of the woods before...I might have to search for some now that you've promoted 'em so well! lol :)

  2. Jen loves the sea salt and vinegar ones! I heard about you while checking out the interview with my friend Patricia Mason. Nice to meet ya neighbor! I live in Murfreesboro.


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