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Southern Fried Gothic: Author Patricia Preston and The Wild, Wild South

Southern Fried Gothic: Author Patricia Preston and The Wild, Wild South : Please welcome Southerner and Carina Press author Patricia Preston! Tell us about yourself and your book: Hi y’all! Yes, I’m definitely Southern as in I live in Mississippi and my folks all come from Tennessee and Alabama. So, I’m deeply entrenched in all things Southern except for football and politics. As a writer, I’m in great company in the South. It seems the South just naturally produces people who love telling stories. Almost An Outlaw is set in Missouri and features the James-Younger Gang. In the 1860’s, Missouri had a lot of ties to the South. Frank James and Cole Younger were teenager guerilla fighters, not recognized as regular Confederate soldiers. They rode under a black flag as did my character, Austin. This novella is the first story I’ve written that is set outside of the deep South. All my work has Southern roots, especially my short stories, which are Southern comedies.

Author Eileen Janket and A Deutschland Publishing Journey

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing hasn't just jump-started authors here in America, but internationally as well. German author Eileen Janket has found the opportunity to pursue her writing dreams, and is excited to announce her first book now available at Thrill My Soul . Eileen, tell me a little about your publishing journey. Thank you, Bella, for having me on your wonderful blog. I feel honored and pleased since you ’ re one of my favourite Indie-Authors. (*Bella here--I may or may not have paid her to say this) So here we go: Why I started writing? Before I could write I used to make up stories and tell them to anybody who would listen. Then I learned my ABCs and I could put down all those stories in my head on a piece of paper. Actually my mom gave me a beautiful thick notebook when I started school. I remember my first story (I was 7) was about a ten year old girl who finds out th