Monday, September 10, 2012

Bringing Penny Dreadfuls To Life via CCLaP

Delicious drama, thrills, and cliff hangers...what better way to celebrate literature as fall approaches? 

The Chicago Center For Literature and Photography is hosting a new 12-part serial audio anthology to run every Monday in September, October and November; entitled "CCLaP's Podcast Dreadful," inspired by old Victorian "pennydreadful" publications, and features cliffhangers to every chapter and a dark, strange tone throughout, featuring around a dozen writers over the entire course of the run. 

On Friday, September 21st, there will be performances of episode 4 in front of a live audience at Quimby's in Wicker Park, featuring not just four local authors but a crew doing real-time radio-style sound effects. (The total list of participating authors includes Kate Cullan, Jason Fisk, Kevin Haworth, Jacob Knabb, Keith McCleary and Sophia G. Starmack, John Reed, Jason Riley, Jim Ruland, Davis Schneiderman, Ben Tanzer and Karl Wolff, with music by Ken Kase and hosted by professional voice artist Christopher Sullivan; the specific performers at the 9/21 Quimby's show includes Davis Schneiderman, Jacob Knabb, Jason Fisk and another performers still to be announced.)

Listen to the podcasts here, and experience literature old-school style. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Romancing the Blog Hop W*I*N*N*E*R*S!

Thank you to all who hopped! We have winners!

Grand Prize Winners:

Kindle Fire Winner:

Laurie Goudge
$130 Amazon Gift Card:

(from Carrie Ann Ryan's Blog)

Swag Pack:

 (from Dana Delamar's Blog)

Winners of my book choices were

Latishajean and Patti

Apocalypse Babes: The Complete Series

Thank you to all who participated! And keep an eye out for 
future hops and promotions. Kindle Fires, gift cards, 
and Juicy Couture will abound!