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Back To The Books $250 Giveaway!

  Back to the Books $250 Cash Giveaway  August 17th to September 7th   An Awesome Group of Authors & Bloggers have joined with me to bring you 1 fabulous prize!! We’re giving away $250 in Paypal Cash! Or alternately you can choose a $250 Gift Code!  Enter below. In the meantime, check out my mid-century modern time-travel romance for a retro price of just 99 cents! Modern day Nashville and 1950s Detroit clash worse than an IKEA futon and a plaid Barcalounger when a free-spirited interior designer and a strait-laced automotive engineer find themselves in another time. Olivia Haugen and Kyle Daniels have no idea why they've ended up in 1954 Michigan, but it's probably not because of all the swank mid-century furnishings. Discovering the reason might have something to do with a wily salvage warehouse owner and her not-so-little shop of secrets. Get it here! Sponsor List   I Am A Reader   Here We Go Again...Ready?   Bonnie Bl