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Young Adult Mythology Hop and Persephone's Trouble

Mythology is such a fascinating subject, because myths--extremely similar myths--persist in the histories of all culture worldwide. Does this point to a common beginning? Shared stories (before social media??)? Or common themes of the human condition? Whatever the reason, mythology never gets old and continues to reveal the depths, motives, and secrets of the human heart. One of the most compelling myths is the story of Persephone . Some have called her story 'the rape of Persephone'. Rape most likely is better translated as 'abduction', but ultimately what's at stake is the loss of innocence. A young maiden picking flowers in a field wanders away from her mother (Demeter). The earth suddenly opens and Hades emerges from below and abducts her, forcing her into marriage. Demeter's grief--which causes crop failure and starvation--make s Hades release Persephone for a few months a year so the earth can recover and mankind can surv

Things That Go Bite In The Night

It's that time of year when the leaves begin to turn, when there's a brisk chill in the air...when there's a faint coppery tinge of blood, rotting flesh, and dystopian drama. That means it's zombie time. Sometimes zombies are cute.    But more often zombies are brain-munching fiends. And attempts to survive them can be even messier. There are plenty of stories to keep you looking over your shoulder when the zombie apocalypse is nigh. If you enjoy dark zombie apocalypse tales in the vein of Forest of Hands and Teeth and Enclave ... then check out new author Emily Shore 's zombacalypse take in Flesher .  Ashleigh Starr, known as Ash to all but one, carries a dark secret, punishable by a fate worse than death. In an apocalyptic world where humanity has been invaded by a new virus for years, Ash bears the burden of a forbidden love on her shoulders, the forbidden love of one of the Infected, those her people call t

A Great Review Makes My Monday

Image Got a Google alert that a book of mine was mentioned and found out fantabulous author Shawn Maravel did a review of one of my books . Made my day! And that's saying something when that day was Monday. Thanks, Shawn! So I'm gonna share it here, 'cause, yeah, it was that good. And while you're at it, check out Shawn's book reviews, and her great romance novels, the Volition Series and the Rider Series at her blog, The Green Shovel. Shawn is reading the third book in my Apocalypse Babes series, iRobotronic .  Shawn sez..." I mentioned in my review of the first novel in the Apocalypse Babes series The Z Word that Seffy, the main character, comes off at first as a character you honestly wouldn't mind seeing get eaten. She's shallow, selfish, whinny, and seemingly useless. BUT, I go on to mention in the review that along the way, without your permission, you come to actually root for Seff