Super 8--Nostalgia Brought To Life

Super 8, bottom line, is a great movie. The cast was incredible--I mean these kids acted their hearts out. The story had heart and soul and poignancy. The pacing, cinematography, direction were absolutely top-notch.

But what really left an impression on me was the nostalgia the film evoked. It was like watching E.T, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Poltergeist all over again. It was like watching a Spielberg film.

That JJ Abrams--the director and writer for Super 8--was influenced by Spielberg was obvious (and not just because Spielberg produced it). But it also had his own touch--smoothing some of the cheesy edges Spielberg had a weakness for. There was also the slightly annoying Spielberg meme of 'aliens, nice--military, bad' (my thoughts on aliens are closer to Mars Attacks!), but overall, it had that feeling that Spielberg evoked so well--that there was no place you'd rather be but in a darkened theater, glorying in a rockin' movie, and wondering 'what if?'.

Added bonus: See/remember why the 70s were so freakin' cool.


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