The Other X Factor

Move along Simon Cowell, nuthin' to see here. This X Factor doesn't have singing and dancing (see The Z Word) or snarky commentators, but it might have aliens. Priorities, people.

The second novel in the Apocalypse Babes series finds Seffy and her friends, along with a few other lost L.A. stragglers, ensconced in a compound that may or may not be run by evil Soviet scientists. Whether it's due to Bolshevik beliefs or
a manipulating girlfriend, nightmares are on the loose and they want what's
left of Seffy after the zombie attack. To make matters worse, one of the stragglers develops an unwanted attraction to Sef, and insists it's more
than just UST à la Mulder and Scully.

The X Factor is now available at Smashwords and Kindle.

Don't forget to check my website and enter my contest. Somebody's got to end up wearing pink velour, and it simply can't be Simon!


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