ABANDON by Meg Cabot

I've heard a lot about Meg Cabot, but have not actually read any of her books. While I love YA, I always figured her stuff would skew a bit young for me.

I picked up Abandon because I love Greek mythology, especially about Persephone (see my upcoming book which also is given the Persephone treatment).

The story follows 17 year-old Pierce Oliveria (Pierce because she pierces the Underworld? Oliveria because it sounds like an olive branch that she holds out to the Lord of the Underworld? Enquiring minds want to know) who lives on the Island of Bones (Isla Huesos) and has recently come back from the dead. She's left with strange memories of a dark, scarred guy who directs the dearly departed onto boats that most assuredly do not have a Lido deck.

Pierce also returns with a diamond necklace that gives mood rings a run for their money, and a huge aversion for tassles.

The book is written in a flashbacky stream-of-consciousness style, but you have to follow closely because there are small plot bombs and twists that take you by surprise. It was a relatively light read for such a dark subject, and is sure to please Meg Cabot fans, who, like a Greek chorus, are ardent in their support!


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