Mid-Century Modern For the New Millennium

I saw a cute video about a woman named Laci Fay in Utah who lives life like she's in 1958. There's a part of me that finds this extremely appealing. The decor is gorgeous, the clothes absolutely spiffy, and cars, swoon-worthy. What's not to love? Plus a hankering for nostalgia is very common in uncertain times. The only thing that keeps me from going all in is my love affair with my give-up-on-life stretchy pants LOL. Still...I love this 1950s lifestyle idea! 

Check out Laci's Youtube channel called The Vintage Girl Next Door and see a recent article on Yahoo News. And for a great read set in 1954 Detroit, check out my fun novel Mid Century Mayhem, the first book in a time-travel three book series entitled Romance Goes Retro: Time Travel By Design

Modern day Nashville and 1950s Detroit clash worse than an IKEA futon and a plaid Barcalounger when a free-spirited interior designer and a strait-laced automotive engineer find themselves in another time. Olivia Haugen and Kyle Daniels have no idea why they've ended up in 1954 Michigan, but it's probably not because of all the swank mid-century furnishings. Discovering the reason might have something to do with a wily salvage warehouse owner and her not-so-little shop of secrets.

Be transported to the 1950s without having to wear a girdle. Much more comfortable! 


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