Freebies For Your Free Time

The first Kindle e-books of each of my three series will be FREE (reg $2.99 ea) starting Saturday, April 4th through the 8th of 2020. So if you find yourself with a little free time these days (gulp), find some fun distraction with time travel romance, free of charge :)

As an added bonus, if you leave a review at Amazon or Goodreads, let me know and I'll send you the next Kindle book in the series. That could end up getting you 12 free books in total and a savings of nearly $36! 

Email me at to let me know where you left the review and where to send the next book. 

Titles and descriptions below. Stay safe and healthy!

From Nashville to Avalon, faerie mischief is back!

Emily Musgrave is heading a direction she never wanted to go in Regency England--namely a convent to turn her from her waywardness. But it's more loneliness than rebellion that motivates her to escape her certain fate.

Liam Jackson is going nowhere fast in modern-day Tennessee. Playing his Dobro in seedy bars and backward dives along with his fiddling sister, Tinker, is doing nothing for his music career--and even less for the dark places in his soul.

Pixie mischief can not only change time-lines, it can change hearts. Because sometimes a girl just needs a little magic in her life.

The story of a pink velour track suit.

THE Z WORD, Book One of the APOCALYPSE BABES series, follows Seffy Carter and her longtime friends Gareth, Addison, and Lani. The four besties share a past dysfunctional and dark enough to keep them bound together under do-over identities. But like off-brand velour, rends develop in their relationships from the flesh-eating pressures of ending up in 1980, in a Montana desert, surrounded by zombies wearing dated disco duds. Followed by The X Factor, iRobotronic, Kumbaya Much, Bite Me, and Apocalypse For Realz

Romance goes Retro...Time Travel By Design Series

Modern day Nashville and 1950s Detroit clash worse than an IKEA futon and a plaid Barcalounger when a free-spirited interior designer and a strait-laced automotive engineer find themselves in another time. Olivia Haugen and Kyle Daniels have no idea why they've ended up in 1954 Michigan, but it's probably not because of all the swank mid-century furnishings. Discovering the reason might have something to do with a wily salvage warehouse owner and her not-so-little shop of secrets. 

Followed by Gothic Revival, and Regency Requiem


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