Things That Go Bite In The Night

It's that time of year when the leaves begin to turn, when there's a brisk chill in the air...when there's a faint coppery tinge of blood, rotting flesh, and dystopian drama.

That means it's zombie time.

Sometimes zombies are cute.  

 But more often zombies are brain-munching fiends. And attempts to survive them can be even messier. There are plenty of stories to keep you looking over your shoulder when the zombie apocalypse is nigh.

If you enjoy dark zombie apocalypse tales in the vein of Forest of Hands and Teeth
and Enclave...

then check out new author Emily Shore's zombacalypse take in Flesher

Ashleigh Starr, known as Ash to all but one, carries a dark secret, punishable by a fate worse than death. In an apocalyptic world where humanity has been invaded by a new virus for years, Ash bears the burden of a forbidden love on her shoulders, the forbidden love of one of the Infected, those her people call the Fleshers. Fleshers — unclean beings who are believed to be cursed and punished by their desire to feed on human flesh and blood. Ash spends her days exploring in the abandoned city outside the walls of her village and gathering bandages for the man she loves, the man who becomes a flesher at night only to return to human form at morning. Her only protection from the laws of her village comes from her ability to keep Garrett a secret in her home and from her blood, which is immune to the fleshers’ bite and blood.

But the day Ash is given a treatment for Garrett is when their secret love is threatened by the future leader of her village. With two newfound visitors from the outside, Ash and Garrett escape into the land of the undead seeking a way to turn their treatment into a cure. But they are pursued by Lucius, the bloodthirsty future leader, who vows to have his revenge on Garrett for past wounds. And he won’t stop until he’s killed Ash and felt her immune blood on his hands.

I loved the theme of a post-apocalyptic world in which the attempts to survive might be worse than the actual disease that caused the apocalypse if the first place. I found Ashleigh to be a more likeable character and enjoyed her strength and spirit during difficult odds. A dark, compelling read!

Flesher is available for Kindle, Nook, and on iTunes.  Check out Emily's website and Facebook.

But most of all, look over your shoulder. Because what you find just might surprise you.


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