Zombies R Fun

Zombies can be fun...honest! Just because they shamble endlessly toward your ruin and tear off strips of your flesh and slurp down your brains when they catch up to you (and they will) doesn't mean we can't find the humor in the living dead.

Simply the best zombie movie EVAR.

Though this new film looks like it will be in the running:

Along with great zombie films, are great zombie books. I've read (and enjoyed)  a couple of the classics, The Zombie Survival Guide and Day By Day Armageddon (super scary). 

My latest zombie reads have been:

Angel Crawford is a loser...and becomes a zombie tho she has no clue how.

What follows is a hilarious but gory story where she's not only fighting for her undead life but coming face to face with her misspent past.

I just finished the second book in the series called

Angel has traded one problem for another and to 
top it off, she's having boyfriend problems. 'cause yeah,
zombies can have boyfriends. Even tho they still eat 

Both thoroughly enjoyable reads, but watch out--as white trash often does, Angel has potty mouth. Of course dropping a few eff bombs isn't as bad and smashing in your head and gulping down your brains (with very little attention to etiquette).  So you know--perspective.

Grab your copies--you won't regret it!

Then check out my book The Z Word, a gothic sci-fi that features some strangely-dressed zombies (might be from Presidio). Even better, it's free.

So enter the fun world of zombies. You might as well enjoy the time until they get you.

Because they will, my friend.

They will.


  1. Blog hopping. Mary Roya


    My favorite kiss...humm? I think I like the first kiss in the book 'An Eye for Danger' by Christine Fairchild. After that first kiss they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Loved it.


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