Vampire Diaries Are Back!

Last night's ep Know Thy Enemy was pure awesomeness covered in crazy sauce, and a great episode to plunge back into the guilty pleasure that is Vampire Diaries.

We had Mandy, Mr. Sark, Boone, Steve McQueen's grandson, and almost Mr-Elle who might now be evil, oh my!

Check out the web's best recap for even more fun.


  1. I know i am commenting on a waaay old comment BUT it was on my birthday so I had to post my 1st comment on your blog on one posted on my birthday :)
    I just got ur first book The Z Word,stoked to read it..

    I am reading one now I just won off of Goodreads and I am siked I won it cuz I was gonna buy it.
    It is about a girl obsessed with Twilight/Edward & runs off a great guy because of it. It's gonna be cool I think.

    I have a HUGE HUGE TBR list. I wish I had 3000 hours a day to read and endless energy to read. I get soo tired then fall asleep. Blah.

    Thanx for following me on twitter & please go to my blog. Say hi. I am hosting a book giveaway soon & would love to interview a cool author on it too.


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