My New Release: Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Isn't that such an enticing question? How many Irishmen have gotten away with it?

I'll bet LOTS.

And Liam Jackson has the same effect on women, even one from another time.

Emily Musgrave has been banished to a convent in Cornwall for what her great aunt calls wayward behavior. The year is 1813. She manages to escape her certain fate during a storm, but falls into a circle of stones and sees a piskie. And every Cornish girl knows what that means--big trouble.

When she wakes up, she meets a strange blonde girl who has a way with a fiddle and her brother, a moody Dobro player on the run from unhappy fans. From escaping the convent to joining the musical duo to escape with their lives in the modern day, Emily embarks on a new world where hems are high and morals are low. But all she can think of is kissing the delicious Dobro player, Liam Jackson--even if it means it might send her back to the past.

An Amazon reader had this to say:

"I loved this story! Bella Street has told a tale spanning many centuries as her main character, feisty Emily Musgrave of Cornwall, takes an unexpected trip to the future. Plopped smack dab into the middle of a quick getaway scene with singer Liam Jackson and his quirker sister Tinker, Emily faces a whole new world . . . and all that comes with it. From riding behind Liam on a roaring contraption called a "motorcycle" to modern conveniences like hot running water and laundromats, Emily tags along with the unusual siblings as they make their way to Nashville and all the promises of Music City. But secrets revealed put the three at odds, even as a few other "appearances" by those from the past pop up here and there. This would make a GREAT movie, complete with a Celtic/blue grass soundtrack! Bring it on!"

From Firefly Press, available on Kindle, Smashwords, and soon to be in print.


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