Get 250 Amazon Reward Points!


Want 250 Amazon Reward Points?

Amazon is offering a "Summer Rewards" program** - for every 400 points you earn, you get $4 to put toward ebooks.  They'll give you a bonus 250 points for following an author, so why not follow me?  Just click the "follow" button under my picture on my AUTHOR PAGE and earn yourself 250 pts!

You can get ANOTHER 300 points by borrowing a book in AMAZON PRIME READING. Read Apocalypse Babes for free if you have Amazon prime and earn another 300 points. BAM! You already have the 400 points needed for $4.00 off ebooks! And ALL my books are on sale, so win-win!

Here's more about the Kindle Summer Rewards Program - you can earn badges reading, too...

So here are some books you might want to spend those bonus bucks on... 

HURRY THOUGH! This offer ends Sept. 11 2021 and you can only get points for it once!

** (may not be available for all Kindle accounts)


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