Mid-Century Modern Homes, Patterns, Menus...and Books!


If you love Mid-Century...everything...this is the blog to visit. 
No Pattern Required features Mid-Mod culture, styles, fashions, crafts...and even books. My book Mid-Century Mayhem was featured there, but there's something here for everyone.


There's also a sister site called Mid-Century Menu and features the best (and worst) of recipes from a time when convenience foods were just coming on the market. 

Blogger Retro Ruth uses her husband as a guinea pig when she whips up the vintage recipes. *gulp*. And if you can't quite stomach all that aspic with green olives, Ruth has several retro adult beverage recipes that will settle your mid-century nerves. 


So get your mid-mod on and visit these fabulous sites. I've spent many happy hours here, and I'm glad Mid-Century Mayhem has been a part!



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