New Arrival in the Tennessee Waltz Series!

You've seen the new cover, now get the book!

Kiss Me, I'm Home--Book Three in the Tennessee Waltz series comes full circle from where it all began...a faerie circle, that is.

The prickly Morgan Lee Faye has a penchant for family TV shows and a dislike for the people around her, but she's the best travel agent in Tennessee. So good that she catches the eye of the mysterious proprietor of Avalon Travel, Mr. Kane.

If Morgan accepts the job, she's promised adventure around the globe and gold for her pocket, but she worries the offer is too good to be true. It is. And Kane isn't the only one with a creepy agenda. Her co-workers all seem to want a piece of Morgan's secret—even the two office hotties.

Honestly, she just wishes they'd all go away so she can watch Little House On The Prairie. But that's not going to happen because from Nashville to Avalon, faerie mischief is back!

If you have a book blog and would like to review it, email me and I'll send you a review copy. It retails for $2.99.

I hope you enjoy it. Each book in the series has its own personality, and this one's no different. 

Thank you for all your kind words and support over the writing of this series. You guys rock!


  1. Looks good, thanks for posting about it.

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