A New AbFab SFR Publication!

I want to spread the word about an awesome new publication for that special niche of reader who loves Science Fiction Romance. You know who you are!

The Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly will feature SFR books reviews and author interviews, and cool covers, and all the delish-ous-ness that is SFR.

An excerpt from Smart Girls Love Sci-fi:

HEATHER: KS Augustin approached Paula and me about offering SFR news and entertainment via a digital magazine. She has the mad skillz to execute the Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly so I was all like, “Where do I sign?!”
It was one of those zeitgeist moments, too, because her proposal emerged at a time when all three of us had already been involved in SFR in various ways (as bloggers, authors, advocates, etc.). Kaz saw an opportunity to expand SFR’s reach and seized the day.

It’s important to acknowledge that years before, authors Jennifer Dunne, Jody Wallace, and Joyce Ellen Armond ran the Science Fiction Romance Newsletter. That print magazine is the progenitor of the Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly. I salute the efforts of those three ladies and am honored to carry on the tradition. I’m also appreciative that our current team of three (!) can accomplish the same goal with all the convenience and advantages digital technology has to offer

Check out the detailed interview at Smart Girls Love Sci-Fi. We're so glad to hear the news!


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