Grab The Apocalypse While It Lasts!

It's been said that the apocalypse is the end of the world as we know it--and for Seffy, it sure seems that way...

A stylish group of twenty-something friends are torn from the Babylonian arms of 2006 West Hollywood and flung nearly thirty years into the past. They wake up in an apocalyptic but strangely familiar landscape, complete with a hidden mountain compound and retro survivalists, hinting at hidden and retro secrets they must face if they want to survive. 

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Time Travel Romance, Apocalypse Babes--The Complete Series is my Gothic sci-fi series, and for just a few hours today only, this six book set--usually $8.99--is now just 99 cents. The apocalypse has never been so cheap! Sale ends at 8 PM PST.

Grab it quick!


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