NEW RELEASE! Kiss Me, I'm Yours

Watch the whole clip here.

I know, right?

But I've finally released my new book Kiss Me, I'm Yours--the second in the three-book series Tennessee Waltz (book one is Kiss Me, I'm Irish). 

Remember how Kiss Me, I'm Irish was about a girl from the past brought to the present? Kiss Me, I'm Yours is about a woman from the present waking up in the past.

When jilted Sophie Bowen stumbles into a stone circle filled with fireflies, she wakes up in a very different place—and time. 

Beaten down by Lincoln's War and personal tragedy, Gabriel Merritt feels his life has become a lost cause.
In a post-war South still licking its wounds, Sophie and Gabriel struggle to understand the place they each find themselves in, while fighting a war of attraction.

And a mysterious twelve-year-old girl just might hold the key to it all. 

Book three, Kiss Me, I'm Home (with some sideways time-travel action), will be out early 2014 if it kills me :) 

If you're a book reviewer with a website and want to read Kiss Me, I'm Yours, email me (bellastreetwrites AT and I'll send you a freebie. If you don't have a blog and just really want to read it, and will leave a review, I'll send you one, too. 

'cause, baby, it's been a while!


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