Science-Fiction Romance Brigade Presents Novel Snippet Time

Science Fiction Romance Brigade is hosting novel snippets from members books, new releases, or works in progress. What a fun way to peek at SFR possibilities!

My offering is a few paragraphs from my Gothic Science-Fiction Romance The Z Word, book one of the Apocalypse Babes series.

The Z Word, follows Seffy Carter and her longtime friends Gareth, Addison and Lani. The four besties share a past dysfunctional and dark enough to keep them bound together under do-over identities. But like off-brand velour, rends develop in their relationships from the flesh-eating pressures of ending up in 1980, in a Montana desert, surrounded by zombies wearing dated disco duds.

Gareth looked down the hill, then ran his hands through his hair. “We've got to find some shelter.”

“Except shelter seems to be where they like to hide,” Lani pointed out, her pretty face pale with fear.

Seffy noticed the man stumbling as he attempted to climb the hill. “Can't we outrun him? I mean, he's so slow.”

“They're slow,” he said, “but they're also like the Energizer Bunny, if you know what I mean.”

“I love that bunny,” Lani said with a wobbly smile. “How cute is it for a rabbit to wear flip flops?”

Seffy emitted a nervous laugh. “Remember when we used to say thongs instead of flip flops?”

“A lot of things changed when we moved to L.A,” Gareth said, his tone distracted.

Addison gasped. “I think there's another one! Look over there!”

They watched a woman with a see-saw gait emerge from behind a tree and head toward the hill.

Seffy shaded her eyes with her hand and squinted. “I can't believe she's wearing fringed moccasin boots.”

Addison's eyes widened. “Are you seriously commenting on her outfit? We're trying not to be murdered here!”

“Sorry. I just happened to notice, okay?”

“The guy was wearing one of those silky landscape print shirts,” Gareth said, his expression grim. “We're gonna need weapons.”

 The Z Word is now free for Kindle.

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  1. Now that brings a new meaning to "Disco is Dead!" also the dialogue flows very well. :)

  2. You've established a strong tone here, flippant and tongue in cheek. Good job!

  3. Love that they're so fashion-conscious while being stalked by Disco Zombies. Nice blend of humor with a darker threat.

    This jump in logic made me LOL: “The guy was wearing one of those silky landscape print shirts,” Gareth said, his expression grim. “We're gonna need weapons.”

  4. I love the humor too. There's not much out there funnier to me than commenting on what zombies are wearing. My sister and I do it during Walking Dead commercial breaks sometimes.

  5. Flip flops and fringed moccasins. Yep I love this snippet!

  6. Love how you've made it obvious these fashion-conscious dudes are zombies - and that the fashion part is probably important.


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