New cover!

A just got my cover for my new book, arriving next month, called The Z Word. It's book one of a series called Apocalypse Babes. Woot!

The Z Word follows Seffy Carter and her longtime friends Gareth, Addison and Lani. The four besties share a past dysfunctional and dark enough to keep them bound together under do-over identities. But rends develop in their relationships from the flesh-eating pressures of ending up in 1980, in a Montana desert, surrounded by zombies wearing dated disco duds.

The Z Word is a mix of light and dark, truth and lies, and life and death.

Check the Apocalypse Babes site on 7/6/2001 for a fun contest celebrating the book's release. Think Juicy Couture, Victoria's Secret and Amazon, and the best word of all, 'free'!


  1. haha, I think that is the first time I've ever heard the words Zombie and Juicy Couture in the same sentence (not to mention Victoria's Secret!)

    The cover looks good :)


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