"My Family Is Not My Weakness...

...it's my strength."

So says Vince Faraday, aka The Cape.

The story begins with a good cop and family man, Vince Faraday, who is framed for a heinous crime he didn't commit. His wife and son think he's dead and it must appear that way if he has any hope of protecting them from the arch villain, Chess.

After falling in with some circus performers (awesome, right?), he learns some new mad skillz with a cape spun from spider's web to use to bring down Chess. He has no super powers, only a super-sized sense of family and justice, and that's what sets this comic-to-film apart from so many others.

Vince is a good guy who you care about and root for. He adores his wife and son and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe, while his secret identity reminds his son to work on his math.

What's not to love? I enjoy a broody, angsty protagonist as much as the next person, but a character with a clear-cut commitment to what's right and to his family...ah, sooooo much more appealing then hair gel and self-indulgence.

Until Jack Bauer finds his way to film, I'm thinking The Cape will fill in nicely.

The Cape airs on NBC Mondays 9/8 central.


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