No Tarnish Here

The first pages of Halo by Alexandra Adornetto are telling. There's a quote by Shakespeare, followed by one from Beyonce and throughout the book the reader is treated to the old and the new, the heavenly and the physical, the sacred and the worldly. I've been going through a spate of YA reads lately and Halo ended up on my radar, probably by an Amazon suggestion, and I enjoyed it to the last page. It's refreshing to see purity--not just sexual-- presented in a positive light in a book. While the premise of Halo wasn't all that original, the author (an 18 year old!) put a fresh spin on it that resonated with all the angst of teen love.

And after the grim, dystopian world of Katniss Everdeen, I was ready for some Bethany Rose Church.


  1. what is the shakespeare quote in the beginning? i read this book for my novels class, and i need the quote for my project, but i had to turn the book back into the library. :(


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