Thursday, September 8, 2011

Supernatural Smackdown!

If you're a fan of paranormal romance (and let's face it, everyone and their three-headed uncle are), AND you love a little violence with your reading, check out the Supernatural Smackdown hosted by Parajunkee and Dark Faerie Tales, book blogger extraordinaires.

From Parajunkee: "Characters from all over the world unite for the premiere entertainment event. Held in a super secret location, supernatural characters will put their talents to the test to win the World Champion title and everything that comes along with it. Supernatural Smackdown is a mash-up of characters showcasing their skills and wits.  Think supernatural gladiators fighting to the death (we promise not to kill any characters off). Readers will have the opportunity to vote on characters so that they can move onto the next round (Example: Vampire vs. Fallen Angel)."

So come by and see your favorite characters from your favorite authors, and meet new characters from yet-to-be released books, duke it out through the month of September. Vote for the winners and watch them as they pass from round to round.

Who will be left standing at the bitter, bloody end? Me? I'm thinking a blonde cutie in a pink tracksuit with a little voodoo in her blood just might be dark horse survivor.

But I could be biased...

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