Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Reviewer Extraordinare From Across The Pond

Meet Erin, a lovely young British woman with a video book blog. And no, I don't just love her because she's said kind things about my book, but because she reminds me of myself at that age...loving nothing more than coming home from the bookstore with a pile of books, wondering what worlds awaited within the pages.

Remember that feeling? That smell? On a side note, I think Kindle needs to come up with some kind of scent emitter that smells like the pages of a book (sans the mustiness).

I so wish this kind of technology was available when I was that age (yes, I'm quite ancient). Part of the angst of being an avid reader was not always having someone to share my enthusiasm with. I remember sitting stunned after reading Wuthering Heights or (to my shame) Flowers In The Attic, wishing I could gush to someone who understood.

It's so fun now to connect with fellow enthusiasts around the world and dish on favorite novels. It brings me back to the good old days...but in a new and improved version :)

Check out Erin's Youtube channel and blog. She reviews more books than I can keep track of, and I've have found some great reads from her recommendations.

Erin is cool beans!

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  1. aww thanks so much Bella :) I think extraordinaire is being generous lol.
    Still don't know whether to get a Kindle or not but it definitely needs a bookish smell.