Monday, October 1, 2012

A Great Review Makes My Monday

Got a Google alert that a book of mine was mentioned and found out fantabulous author Shawn Maravel did a review of one of my books. Made my day! And that's saying something when that day was Monday.

Thanks, Shawn!

So I'm gonna share it here, 'cause, yeah, it was that good. And while you're at it, check out Shawn's book reviews, and her great romance novels, the Volition Series and the Rider Series at her blog, The Green Shovel.

Shawn is reading the third book in my Apocalypse Babes series, iRobotronic

Shawn sez..."I mentioned in my review of the first novel in the Apocalypse Babes series The Z Word that Seffy, the main character, comes off at first as a character you honestly wouldn't mind seeing get eaten. She's shallow, selfish, whinny, and seemingly useless. BUT, I go on to mention in the review that along the way, without your permission, you come to actually root for Seffy. The threat of liking her even begins to surface. Now, this to me is a CLEAR INDICATION of Street's literary genius. Never have I ever gone from hating a character so much to actually liking them. Never. I mention this because if you pick up the series, this is likely to be something you notice as well but i must insist that you keep reading. It only gets better.
In this installment you pick up right where you left off from book two. Not being a big fan of reading series books back to back, it had been quite a while since I had read book two. However, Street demonstrates her innate talent for story telling yet again by making it so dang easy to get caught up to speed. This is me is a sure-fire sign of an author's talent. Touching up on characters, setting, plot, and other minor details that need refreshing without it coming off as if the author is simply trying to catch you back up to speed and not being very tactful about it. With Street it's effortless. Truly

Hey, I'll take it!!

Find out why Seffy was so awful risk-free. The Z Word (book one) is FREE in for Kindle, Nook, and everything else. Or just grab the whole 6 book set for less than a fiver. 

Apocalypse Babes: The Complete Series $4.99

Who said Mondays were the end of the world?

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