Friday, April 27, 2012

Tell A Story Blog Hop With Have Novel, Will Edit

Allison Merritt and her Have Novel, Will Edit blog is sponsoring a fun blog hop that features flash fiction or short stories.

Allison will choose one winner from all the contributing blogs. The winner gets book money to spend in the form of a e-gift certificate. Woot! 

In addition I'll be choosing one random commenter to win my 6 book series Apocalypse Babes. Below is an imagining of the Seffy and her friends at a Christmas party. Kinda scary, and filled with clues revealed in the series. 

So stay for a spell, then hop onto the next blog. The winner will be chosen and contacted on 4/30.  Don't forget to leave a comment with your email!

The Apocalypse Babes Christmas Party Before Things Went To Hell

by Bella Street

Introducing characters from the Apocalypse Babes series

“This was a terrible idea.”
Seffy regarded her red-headed and cynical friend, Addison. “You may be right.”
Gareth, her long-time crush, slung an arm over her shoulder and scanned the assembled group. “Is it me or do all the Christmas lights actually make everyone look sinister?”
“It's just you,” Lani said firmly. She tucked a lock of dark hair over her shoulder and sent them a stern look from her wide blue eyes. “It's Christmas time—which means you guys have to be nice.”
Addison peered into her empty glass. “Might be easier of I had more booze.”
Gareth grinned at her, his dark eyes twinkling. “I'll go get you a refill.”
Seffy tried not to sigh as their tall, dark, and yummy bestie left for the bar. She should've drained her glass if she knew he was handing out those dreamy smiles to just anyone.
“I mean, seriously, who invited these people?” Addison said, interrupting her reverie.
“Addy,” Lani scolded. “They might be able to hear you. And the people at this party seem...”
“I was going to say interesting.”
That was Lani, always seeing the best in people and situations. But Seffy doubted even her upbeat attitude could do much with the motley crowd milling about. It certainly wasn't a jovial affair. In fact many of the party-goers nursed their drinks while flashing sullen looks over the rims of their glasses. A few couples whispered in corners, and the kitchy music reminded her of a 80s rollerskate disco tune.
“What about him?” Addison said in a low voice. “He looks like an evil henchman.”
Lani peeked over her shoulder at bald man with cool green eyes and a dark goatee. “I think he's kind of cute.”
“Lani!” Seffy and Addison hissed in union.
“Well, he is!”
Seffy shook her head. “What do you suppose those two girls are plotting?”
“I know, right?” Addison said with a snicker. “We got a Miley and Mary-Kate who look like they're planning to destroy someone's childhood.”
“At least that guy is kind of cute,” Seffy said, motioning discreetly to a tall man with dark hair and Jim Caviezel eyes.
“Yeah. Too bad that little chick he's with has her claws in him—literally.”
A petite woman held onto the man's arm with a grip as possessive as her bitchy expression.
“You two are terrible,” Lani said, looking at the other guests. “Now there's someone who looks...fascinating.”
Addison's eyebrows rose. “The guy in the Coke bottle glasses and plaid pants? Okay, Lani, you've lost total credibility with me.”
“Who's lost credibility?” Gareth said as he returned, handing Addison a refilled Cosmo.
“The xippie to your left,” Addison snarked.
Lani rolled her eyes. “I'm just opposed to close-mindedness—especially at a party! This is the time to mingle, meet new people, find new opportunities.”
“I might be in agreement with you there,” Gareth said, an odd note in his voice.
Seffy looked over to see a tall, blonde woman striding into the room, her restless gaze roaming the crowd—and coming to a stop on Gareth. A slow smile lifted the woman's glossy lips.
What little was left of Seffy's Christmas spirit shriveled up and died. Now she knew how Skipper felt whenever Barbie was around.
Next to her, Addison snorted.
My thoughts exactly.
“Looks like the boy has been marked,” Addison said in an undertone.
Seffy took a drink of her Pink Lady cocktail to hide her discomfiture. Now, if her hand would just stop shaking.
“Maybe all is not lost,” Addison said near her ear. “Looks like you might have been marked, too.” She made a discreet motion with her head.
Seffy allowed her gaze to nonchalantly drift across the room. Then she saw him. A bit taller than average, lean, with the makings of a hottie if he did something with that shaggy, dirty blond hair and rude smirk.
The smirk deepened when he caught her glance. He lifted his shot glass. “Scotch whiskey, single malt.”
Seffy raised a bemused brow. Good for you, dude.
But when he pushed away from the wall and made his way over, she stiffened. Automatically her eyes sought out Gareth's soothing presence, but his attention was elsewhere, damn him.
Suddenly Seffy wanted to go home. She didn't like this party. She was perfectly happy with her small group of friends. And for some reason, the man who was now heading her way threatened to upset the careful balance of her do-over life.
Lani beamed and introduced herself as he came abreast of their group. Addison mumbled her name without making eye contact. Gareth was too busy with the blonde to notice.
As Seffy marshaled her nerve to at least be civil to the newcomer, Lani whispered in her ear. “Geez, just say hello. It's not the end of the world.”
But as Seffy raised her gaze and met the gray eyes of the man in front of her, she was pretty sure it damn well was.


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  13. Congrats to Jennifer Lowery for winning the $30 Amazon GC. The Apocalypse Babes book set winner has been notified. Special thanks to Allison Merritt for setting up the hop!