Wednesday, May 18, 2011


"'s the lies that we tell ourselves, they introduce us to him."

You can't mention M. Night Shyamalan's name without getting a strong reaction. I'll be honest--I'm a fan. Few directors push the boundaries into spiritual matters like he does. No matter what anyone thinks of his films, there's always a lot of thought, layers, symbolism, and special touches added to his work that always resonates with me.

Devil is no exception. From the first frames we know things will not be what we expect. As we're introduced to the principal players, we know all is not as it seems and masks quickly begin to fall when the lights go out.

But what really spoke to me was the spiritual questions. What is forgiveness? Is there a spiritual realm? Is there a devil, real or imagined?

Even more, is there something even worse than the devil to fear?

Devil is a dark, suspenseful look into the heart of man. What you find there might surprise you.

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